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Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

According to a 2018 study, 78% of American consumers have purchased retail products as a direct result of Facebook.

Let that sink in for a minute.

With so many people already conditioned to make purchases through the Facebook platform, you can be sure if you target the right people in the right way, you absolutely will get more sales. The majority of Facebook users are willing to make purchases, or make inquiries through the platform which presents a huge opportunity for you to either sell directly through Facebook, or collect leads to follow up and close.

Keep on reading for four reasons to bring the power of Facebook to your marketing strategy.

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Facebook also allows you to target people in your area who are more inclined to be interested in what you offer. That means you won’t be wasting advertising spend on people who will never buy from you. Traditional forms of marketing like billboards, radio, television and the Yellow Pages require an enormous upfront investment and requirement to send your message to huge swathes of people, most of whom are either not interested, not qualified or not in the scope of your target audience. Through Facebook, on the other hand, you can target buyers in your area TODAY and generate sales straight away for a fraction of the price.


The other advantage of advertising with Facebook is the opportunity to change your ad if it isn’t working. Imagine spending thousands of Dollars on an ad, launching it, and nothing happens. For example, a large residential building company has had past success with using letterbox drops. When they decided to launch into a new area, the trusted letterbox drops were done to help generate leads. Over $10,000 was spent on the flyers which only resulted in a grand total of 5 leads. If it were Facebook, the strategy could have been changed once it became apparent that the current angle wasn't working, saving the company heaps of money while generating leads with better potential.


A Facebook ad can be tested with a small budget of just a few hundred Dollars, allowing you to make changes until you are happy with the results. Once it starts bringing in leads, you can increase your budget. By then the ad strategy has already been tried and tested, guaranteeing a better return on investment since you already know what the trajectory of the ad campaign will be.

Organic Reach

There’s also the advantage of organic reach: your followers and their network have the ability to share your content, deals and posts to drive potential customers to your business for free. To have this effect with traditional media you would need to be featured in a local newspaper or interviewed on the TV/radio. In the light of social media, the chances of this happening are pretty slim. It's much easier for your audience to share information about your business online, so giving them content that's easily accessible and beneficial for both parties to send out and share is key to boosting your organic reach.

So what does all this mean for you?

Through Facebook advertising you will not only be spending less of your budget to get your ads in front of more people, you will also be getting higher conversion rates if you use the correct ads and strategies. It's easy to see why this new form of marketing is a complete no-brainer for your business.

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