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QUIZ: find out who your ideal client is

The more specific you can be in targeting your ideal client, the better your chances are of converting them into a potential sale. Knowing who it is you’re selling to should be the first step in planning your digital marketing strategy.

Here’s a fun way to determine your ideal client 👇

🎅 Santa - someone who is always busy, with a long list of things to do. They’re more often than not the head of the company with the responsibility to ensure that all processes are executed properly. The path to this client’s heart is through detailed proposals, run-throughs and regular reports (and maybe some milk and cookies to snack on during meetings). They need you to take over and make sure that their online presence is up to date with what the kids are doing these days.

🎄 Christmas tree – this is a client who has been in the industry for years with baubles, lights and decorations (read: routines, policies and ways of doing things) that haven’t changed in years. Now, they’re looking at you to be the Angel on top – a bright, new presence to tie everything together and bring some razzle dazzle to what’s already there.

🦌 Rudolph – someone with a future and nose so bright, because they just started out. This client is a small business owner/entrepreneur who needs your expertise to get their brand where it needs to be. Win them over with innovative strategies, unique ideas and some wow factor. With Rudolph, thinking outside the box is always key.

🧝‍♀️ Elf – a client who likes bells and whistles (ie: followers, engagement, winning the Internet). They get easily excited when the stats look good, but turn frustrated when there’s no immediate return on investment. Working with them, you have to speak their language while making it clear that their strategy can take some time before it really takes off. Get them on your side with an approach that will boost both their organic growth and immediate results.

So, which festive character is your ideal client? Let us know-ho-ho on social media @zen_digitalmarketing

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